Shampoo for Oily Hair

What is a good shampoo for oily hair? It seems like store shelves are overflowing with shampoo for dry or damaged hair while those with oily hair have fewer options. That is frustrating because it is precisely people with oily hair who go through the most shampoo! You know how it goes- you wake up, wash your hair, and by the time the afternoon rolls around, your hair is looking slick and you’re trying to figure out how to fit another washing into your afternoon before you go out to dinner.

The problem with many shampoos on the market is that they are too moisturizing. Indeed many people put their hair through the rigors of coloring and heat styling so there is a very large market for this. However, even “regular” shampoos seem to have a number of ingredients that can leave hair looking greasy. When shopping for shampoo for oily hair, take a look inside the bottle. Is the shampoo clear and thin or creamy and thick? The texture can be a pretty good indication as to how heavy the shampoo is.

One ingredient you might want to look out for is panthenol. Panthenol helps to give fine hair a boost of volume without weighing it down and contributing to the greasy look. Also look for words on the label such as “gentle” or “clarifying”. Clarifying shampoos remove buildup that accumulates in hair over time thanks to repeated use of hair spray, gel, and other styling products as well as conditioner. This buildup can weigh hair down and make it look even more greasy than it actually is. You don’t have to use a clarifying shampoo every day but it is often recommended that those with oily hair use a clarifier once per week to help get rid of everything that has accumulated over the week and start fresh.

Dry shampoo is perhaps the best shampoo for oily hair. This is a waterless shampoo so it helps cut down on time spent in the shower as well as drying and styling. Shake on a little bit of this powder and comb it through your hair and watch as it absorbs all the grease and makes your hair look dry and clean. Of course you’ll still need to wash your hair with traditional shampoo regularly but a few shakes of dry shampoo can be a quick fix when your hair looks embarrassingly dirty. It’s a lot easier to use a bit of powder shampoo on your way out the door than it is to wash and dry your hair all over again. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a budget-friendly yet very effective option that also gives your hair a boost of volume. Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo is perfect if you are looking for a green product. Like regular shampoos, there are plenty of formulations to meet every type of hair need but unlike regular shampoo, any type of waterless shampoo is perfectly suited for oily hair.

There are plenty of options when it comes to shampoo for oily hair. Now you know what to look for so read those labels carefully and you are sure to find something that does the job!

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